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Sparks fly as trade deadline nears

At this point of the 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres season, many have turned the bulk of their attention toward the trade rumors buzzing around all 30 National Hockey League teams. With each day passed, precious time ticks away. General managers actively trying to add those final pieces to their respective puzzles, in an attempt to make a run […]

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Hockey Heaven is for real

Can a city still be considered “Hockey Heaven”, even when its NHL team is in the midst of what seems like yet another historically-bad season? Sure. Why not? Buffalo has proved it in the last few months. While the Sabres have sojourned through another rebuilding season, the sport of hockey has quietly become ingrained in […]

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Looking toward the Sabres’ uncertain future

Entering Tuesday night’s tilt against the Montreal Canadiens, the Buffalo Sabres were mired in the worst slump in franchise history. Having not won since a 4-3 shootout decision against the New York Islanders, and enduring 18 losses in their past 19 games, the team is a clear-cut favorite to land one of the top two […]

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A glimpse into the bright future

It’s been a fun week or two to be a Buffalo Sabres fan. There was the surprise thumping of San Jose on the night half the city was buried by a blizzard. There was the absolute pummeling they gave cross-border rival Toronto. There was the comeback win over Tampa Bay on national television. Then there […]

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A mountain out of a molehill

It seems that Sabres fans have become so accustomed to the franchise being in disarray that they now try to create a catastrophe even when things are moving in the right direction. The media can’t claim innocence, either, least of all the Buffalo News, with their sensational headlines “Dysfunction Junction” and “Sabres fans being conned […]

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