Grigorenko Staying In Buffalo

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Heading into this morning, the Buffalo Sabres had a pressing matter that needed to be resolved.

Would Mikhail Grigorenko stay with the Sabres or would he be sent back to Quebec?

Just shortly after 10 AM, Darcy Regier called a press conference where Grigorenko’s status would be announced.

With that exciting news out of the way, it would be time to turn our sights onto tonight’s game and most importantly, the status of Thomas Vanek.

To elaborate more on that, Thomas Vanek will take Nathan Gerbe’s spot in the lineup this evening.

Also, Robyn Regehr will miss tonight’s game with a “short-term” lower body injury. His spot will be filled by Mike Weber.

TJ Brennan will make his season-debut, as Alexander Sulzer will take a seat.

Stay tuned to Sabres Hockey Central for the latest breaking Sabres news!

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Justin Banker via Facebook
Justin Banker via Facebook

Aboiut time that Brennan will have a shot again at the big show. Though they really need to move grigorenko around a bit. Putting him on the grider / enforcer line isnt going to do anything for his passing game. It would be nice to see him center a line between Stafford and Ott or Foligno.

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