Report: Hecht Ready to Return

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According to Alder Mannheim, the Buffalo Sabres and Jochen Hecht have reached a 1 year agreement.

The 35-year-old forward missed 53 games last season due to a concussion and with his contract ending in June, Darcy Regier did not re-sign him.

Hecht signed a two year contract with Adler Mannheim of the German league in early December, but he still has the option of returning to the NHL.

Hecht cannot be signed officially until Saturday morning after the CBA is ratified. From what it sounds like, Hecht will be a member of the blue and gold by the time the season starts.

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It wouldn't be a bad thing to have Jochen back for the half season. So long as he's healthy and not risking his own quality of life after hockey. We could always use more backhand goals. This would definitely be an upgrade over Ellis. That is if Grigorenko can make the team.

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