Boyes Becomes Former Sabre

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Brad Boyes signed a one year, $1M deal with the Islanders on Sunday.

Boyes played in 86 regular season games for the Sabres, scoring 13 goals and 24 assists for 37 points. That’s certainly not what the Sabres were expecting when they acquired him.

Boyes has hit at least 65 points in a season three times, but he couldn’t make it happen during his time in Buffalo. Many fans were happy to see him leave, but I think he will do well on Long Island.

He obviously wasn’t too fond of Lindy Ruff and he didn’t really fit in on the ice:

“Coming from coaches and having success with coaches that were yellers and screamers and hard on you, that’s fine, as long as you get a pat on the back when you do something well. I want to play for a coach that I respect a lot and that’ll go a long way in the way that I play. I’ll take what I can from last year but I’m looking at next year to really getting back to having fun and playing on a team that wants me there and I want to be a part of.” -CBCSports

It may prove to be smart singing by the Islanders, and for $1M, it’s worth taking a chance. He will be back at his former position, which is where he had those two seasons scoring 43 and 33 goals.

Here’s his first goal as a Sabre, thanks in part to a nice pass from Paul Gaustad:

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Todd Puccio via Facebook
Todd Puccio via Facebook

See Ya Brad. It's been swell. Don't let the door hit you in the you know what when you leave... That leaves even more cap room :)

Jason Bain via Facebook
Jason Bain via Facebook

Imagine a full year of Ennis centering Foligno and Stafford. That line alone will make up for Boyes 6 goals. He was garbage...although I'm glad Darcy made the move to get him

Gregory Ickowski via Facebook
Gregory Ickowski via Facebook

Boyes didn't fit to good in Ruff system anyways so I'm not surprised by this at all , it was only a matter of time .

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